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Performance is bad.

Translation is good but performance is bad. Especially when compared with previous versions of app.


It’s funny!! I like to use it for my friends ??????????

Chinese unusable

I frequently use the Chinese speech and loved how accurate the female voice pronounced the Chinese translation. However, it has been replaced with a robotic inaccurate computer. HUGE step back Google. Please do something about this.

Best and Fastest translator

After trying other translations apps, I can only to say that Google translate is the one that I found to be satisfactory. I often use this app to help me in my Mandarin class with pronunciations and understanding vocabulary! The only major problem is that the recent updates changed the voice for the Chinese translations. Now I can’t even differentiate the pronunciation of each character because it sounds too blurred and mechanical. Please bring the old voice back.

Great App but...

Wish this could work with iMessage or Facebook IM without a subscription fee.

Very Pleased

I absolutely recommend this App to anyone that needs help with translating.Thank you for making my life easier.


It’s not entirely PERFECT, but I’ll give it a five star. If it weren’t for this app, I wouldn’t have known where the exit sign was in a Swedish restaurant. ?

Kind of a great app

I kind of like the app it’s ok but what can make it great is fixing up the Spanish translater and other languages to because some things are not right and I want every single thing to be right because people are trying these different languages and some aren’t right

No help

No help

Cool aplicación

Very good aplicación

Too bad

Camara not working why????

Love this app - add Binary!

Great app all around. It would be cool and fun if they added binary!

Text must be horizontal

Doesn’t recognize vertical text at all when trying to translate photographs

Great but

You need to add Circassian language

Would there be....

A Indian language? The options for that language would be a male or a female! Please add that!


Very very good and the best

Good But Limited

The Google translate app is good but limited, especially if you’re trying to learn a new language. Additionally Google translate does not understand the verb tenses Used by the Filipino language. It still has some work to go really been a good translator. It is not the universal translator.

One of the handiest apps to have

Though I might not agree with Google’s politics, I believe they deserve a round of applause. Not only can you translate anything in seconds, and not only can you download entire lexicons onto your device, but you can take text from nearly any image and translate it immediately. The translator itself may not be perfect, but the technology of this utterly wows me (which is not easy to do to a 15-year old) Hats off to you, Google!

Very Helpful!

Awesome App! It Translates Accurately!

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