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They need to add Arabic

Great app, however...

Love this app and use it often, might have found a bug, though. Just got a pair of bluetooth earbuds and have discovered that while my headphones are connected to my iphone and i use the mic for dictation, the “ding” sound is heard not only through my headphones but also through the phone, allowing all around me too also hear the annoying sound. Please fix. Thanks!

What is wrong

Already downloaded it, but doesnt work. Why it doesnt work??????

I suckes

This app sucks and I am a student so I thought it would help me but I didnt


Solid app, as expected from google

الترجمة بالصور

تطبيق حلو كلش وخاصتا الترجمة بالصور ???


This is an amazing app!! If you need something to be translated, I believe this is the perfect app!

Freezes up frequently

The translations seem to be good, but it often freezes up on me so that I cannot use it.

translate to Persian is weak

ترجمه متن به زبان پارسی بسیار ضعیف و نا مفهوم است. Text translation to Persian language is very weak and unclear

Very cool

I like to use this to learn several languages. The only thing that could be better is to add some camera capture languages like Arabic or Hindi. Other than that its very cool.

Thee Best Spanish Translator

This app is very helpful in my Spanish class. It is awesome for taking idioms and turning them into plain & simple statements.

Helpful tool when traveling to Asia

This was so handy when I went to China, Thailand, and Japan. It instantly translated Chinese characters to English. For Japanese and Thai however, I had to take a clear photo of the characters first. Minus one star for this inconvenience.

No good

Terrible translation really bad.

Doesnt work with non romanized languages

I tried using it on both Japanese and Korean in their natural writing styles and the app couldnt accomplish anything - completely useless for languages not in romanized letters - big surprise ?

Like the app but missing key part from iPhones

The app is a very essential tool since I write to many people in other countries. However, it was brought to my attention by someone in Brazil who has an Android and Google Translate that the app can translate right on the apps like whatsapp and not have to copy and paste into google translate and translate, then have to type in English and translate in the other language and copy and paste back into the message box. When can iPhones can have this ability to have the google translate directly on the messaging apps?


Muy util y fácil de utilizar, no debe faltar en tu dispositivo.


السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته لماذا ليس لديكم اللغة كردية بلهجة سورانية نحن نستغدم تطبيق ترجمة من google لكن ليس فيها اللغة الكردية ونحن نحتاج بها ارجوكم في تحديث جديد تضوفون اللغتنا شكرن لكم جميعً

I love this app! ? But...

I love this app! Ive used it so frequently that, in fact, I could not star another translation. Please dont limit the number of translations that I could star. I usually dont review apps, but I felt compelled to write this, so you could update it soon to remove that specific restriction. The translations that the app gives is not always correct, but then I have many language resources if I need a better-nuanced translation. Thank you very much, Google Translate Team! Love you lots! ?

Horrible so difficult and not accurate

Why cant learn

Very good app. Tks google

Very good app. Tks google

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