Google Translate App Reviews

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It is nice to not have to go on to safari to translate

Not Happy with this App

I received some travel literature in German. The app struggles to make the translation to English. Since it’s free, I guess I cannot complain. Wish there a trial period on the other apps before they kicked in with a fee. I’m sure they are much better than Google Translate


Please add Belgium!!

Хорошый отзыв

Класс можно даже одновременно 100 слов вставить

Add Kurdish Language

Thanks for adding Kurdish language it help us a lot

Great app but...

I wish they can add the Assyrian language. My girlfriend is Assyrian and I need to learn the language so I can understand her family. Other than that I use it at work and its absolutely awesome for communicating with non English speakers.

Very useful app

I enjoy using this app for working in my school district, but the updates mess up the app by freezing and very slow updating.

Pay for this? No way!

They make it hard to cancel so they can rip you off.

Did Google translate removed a useful feature?

Did google translate removed a useful feature of translating text from an existing photo?

Amazing update

I’ve been waiting for this update for long I wonder why it it took you so long to figure out how to make copy and paste easier. Please add the option to make it paste automatically once The app opened. And work on increasing the integration with other apps.


Love the app please give back up option ASAP

Saudi arabia

I recommend downloading Thank you Google Inc. for this application creatively translating texts Ifrom images


Best app ever, I use it ALL the time!


This app is fantastic, everything I wanted. The camera point and translate feature is surprisingly effective, it works perfectly. I highly recommend this app.


This is easy to use and a life saver. I highly recommend.

No esta buena

No lo hace inmediatamente , queda q uno no lo puede cambiar de idioma por eso lo califico con 5 estrellas, no me gusta ya voy a quitar esta aplicación

Please add Cantonese language in google translate.

Please add Cantonese voice to speech (TTS) and Cantonese language (粵語、jyut6 jyu5)translation as soon as possible. Thank you! distinguish: 中文(Chinese, zung1 man4) 粵語(Cantonese, jyut6 jyu5) 正體字(traditional Chinese, zing3 tai2 zi6) 北方話(Mandarin, bak1 fong1 waa2) 拼音(phonetic spelling, ping3 jam1) And also, one of the functions make people uncomfortable. Please see the situation: im using Google translate voice input for translating between English and Cantonese, when I speak Cantonese than Google translate will give me and English translation and speak out loud, and that is okay. However, if I speak English, then Google will give me a Chinese result and speak out loud in Mandarin. That doesnt make any sense, and makes me feel I was not being respected. So please fix it as soon as possible. Here are two solutions: the first one, turn off the automatic speak function; or the second one, when people have selected traditional Chinese as their translated language, system will automatically speaks in Cantonese for the translation.

Google deleted offline!

I was traveling and when I connected to WiFi, google removed the offline language I downloaded. Get Microsoft’s app it’s way better and I have had no problems. F google

Needs Apple Watch companion

Will there be an Apple Watch version coming soon ?

Strange ?

I cant translate certain languages to English with camera or voice. Example: English to French works with these features, but French to English doesnt.

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