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problem on offline translate

Hi. I am in iran and i need offline translate but this is not available for me. Just available in first start. Help please.

Missing one feature - Print words

There is no option to print out starred saved words. It would be great if you can give us this feature so we can do that because, for exsample, I want to print my list of words and sentences or to save tham as a list of my saved words in some document for easier lern and review. I shared a few times this idea but nothing help. Is it so diffucult to di that?

This app sucks hell

The camera scanning thing does not scan anything I cant take a pic of a paper that has words and translate it

The best

Me ha salvado la vida en el trabajo adoro la aplicación es súper se la recomiendo a todos

Update 5.15.0

The app worked fine before the update. Then when I updated it, after several re-tries, I tried to use the app, and it didnt work. It would just send me back to my home screen. I have deleted the app until it becomes usable for me again. This app is my go-to translate app, so its unfortunate that this circumstance has ocurred.


this app really helps me to communicate with my foreign clients.


I’m korean. I don’t know how to write korean. I was talking to my korean friend who moved from Korea a couple weeks ago. She doesn’t understand English we were texting each other. I typed it and the translation was wrong. I was super embarrassed. I was seeing it but my parents (who are pro’s at korean) said it was wrong too. The translation was bad



Muy buena!!

La uso casi siempre en documentos para traducir y me ha funcionado bien hasta hoy!

No picture translation??

I am unable to take picture and translate it. Whats going on?

Very good app

I love this app it’s great but I wish it could translate songs of the words if that makes sense

Google Translate you are so Google

I just wrote a review for another app I really enjoy and then realized that the camera trans functionality was this app. While I love both you and the other app I wanted to make sure you got credit. Thank you! I used the camera trans for Spanish, primarily genealogical research. Any translation error I followed up with people. This is a great research tool.

Needs an Apple Watch version!

Amazing translator. I am especially beyond impressed with the picture to text translator functionality. It worked on an entire 8.5x11 document of text!!! Within seconds no less. Just incredible. Well done google, as usual. Now just make it watch integrated! ??????

Please read

problems with the native keyboard of ios. the predictive keyboard is not available when opening the app, I have to minimize the app or place it in the background and open it again so that the predictive keyboard appears. a fatal error is when you are writing the text to translate the window is very small I can not read everything I write, very badly. I have a phone with a large screen and when writing the text box does not take 1/4 of the screen very badly.

البرنامج ممتاز

البرنامج ممتاز و يعطيه معاني مفردات اكثر من مرة

The voice translator never works

The main reason I got this was because I work at a training barn where most of the workers speak Spanish and many of them cant read. About 95% of the time when I try to use the voice translator I get an error message saying there was a network error. It even does this when I have full service and am on wifi.

Almost there

This app is great for anything from translating a text message to translating song lyrics but the only issue is that not all languages can be downloads for offline use and a good feature would be to hold the camera over a different language and show you which language it is and last is to make you be able to translate any language into one language if you’re not sure which one it is


Helps, but most the time proves to be incorrect when translating Japanese to English, and vice versa.

Not all the languages are there

I was trying to translate something in philiphino and there wasnt a match


Great App, sometimes doesn’t have a right means but I’m really enjoying with Thanks engineering

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